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Found A Pet?

When pets get lost, it can be frightening and stressful for them and their owners. At our animal shelter, we provide a safe haven for found pets, committed to their care and well-being. However, due to our current intake hold, we ask that anyone who has found a pet to please call (574) 722-6060 and ask for animal control. We appreciate your help in reuniting these lost pets with their families.

Lost A Pet?

At our animal shelter, we understand the stress of losing a pet. That's why we offer a lost pet service where staff and volunteers work tirelessly to locate your missing pet. Contact us as soon as you realize your pet is missing, and we will immediately begin the search. Let us help bring your furry friend home.

Help us get your pet home quicker by microchipping them! At our animal shelter, we understand how important it is to keep our pets safe and secure. By microchipping your furry friend, you can ensure they always have identification on them, so they can be returned to you quickly if they ever get lost.

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Official Lost & Found: Facebook Page

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There are a lot of lost and found groups out there, and it can get confusing for our worried pet parents to navigate. we have put together a community-focused group. We are dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their loving families. If you have lost a furry friend or found one wandering the streets, this is the place to connect and help our four-legged friends find their way home. Together, with the support of our amazing community, we can make a difference and bring comfort to worried pet parents.


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