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Lost and Found Pets

Losing a pet can be one of the most stressful experiences a pet owner can endure. That's why we offer our Lost and Found Pets service, to help you find your missing companion and bring them back home. Our team is dedicated to providing support and assistance to help you locate your furry friend as quickly as possible.

Woman Hugging Dog

Wine, Whiskers and Wags

Calendars Are In!

Pick up yours today!  A $10 donation per calendar gets you the perfect stocking stuffer.  Available at Pets R Us, The People's Winery, and Dental Plus.

Providing Homes and Hope for Animals
Welcome to Pets R Us! We are a local animal shelter, providing care and support to animals in need across our community. Since 1948, we have focused on preventing animal cruelty, neglect, and suffering. Our mission is to create a safe and loving environment for each animal we rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home. We believe that every animal deserves a second chance at a happy, healthy life, and we work tirelessly to make that happen. Join us in our mission to help animals, whether as a volunteer, donor, foster parent, or adopter.
Cat of the Month

Meet Smokey, the most lovable and playful kitten in the whole wide world! This little furball is always up for a game and will keep you entertained for hours. When he's not snuggling and purring, you'll find him chasing toys and pouncing on anything that moves. Come and meet Smokey today for endless fun and cuddles!

Dog of the Month


Meet Toby, with a head that's as big as his heart, Toby is a gentle giant who loves to spread joy wherever he goes. His wide smile is a constant reminder of his playful and friendly nature. Despite his large size, Toby is a true sweetheart who adores cuddles and belly rubs. He's always eager to please and will happily wag his tail in excitement when he sees you


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